Heva delivers custom, connected wellness journeys. Track your progress and plot new goals as you up-level your health.

Heva delivers custom, connected wellness journeys. Witness your progress and plot new goals as you up-level your health.

Take a walk on the wellness side
Take a walk on the wellness side
Take a walk on the wellness side
Take a walk on the wellness side



No more dismissal.
No more one-size-fits-all.
No two lives are alike, so Heva builds your health plan around you.

Your unique health factors help us pinpoint wellness needs with precision, and our doctors distill your distinct data into actionable treatment plans.

Live the Heva Life

When you’re living and loving your new normal, we’re here to support and enhance it. And we’re here when you’re ready for your next level of health and happiness (and the next). Feeling good should be an ever-expanding journey.


Pick your wellness path and get all your burning questions answered.


Tell us a little about your health factors, history, and goals.


Heva providers will review your profile and assemble your custom treatment plan.


We’ll get you started down your path to feeling Heva Healthy & Happy.


You’ll have a wealth of health support all along the way.

Your answers to popular questions

So, what exactly is Heva Health?

We’re a system for vital wellness support, a telehealth platform, and a place where you can receive provider care, assessment, treatment, and medication, all direct-to-consumer, all with discretion and convenience.

What medications and treatments does Heva offer?

We’re ever-expanding Heva wellness journeys and areas of treatment. Our primary treatment pathways currently include healthy weight loss, libido revitalization, and hormone support. The medications we offer include semaglutide, tirzepatide, testosterone support, proprietary libido blends(coming soon), and more.

Who is Heva Health for?

Heva is for people who want support and results on their wellness journeys, people ready to lose weight, get in shape, have better inside-out health, develop more energy, or find out how it feels to live with hormone harmony. If you have wellness goals you’ve been struggling to hit (or you just don’t know how to get started), Heva is for you.

What is the Heva journey and user experience like?

After you fill out an intake form for your desired wellness path, one of our providers will lay out a recommended treatment plan based on your answers and health goals. Your provider is here to answer questions and adjust treatment as necessary, and you'll have access to educational resources for your journey.

Is this safe? What medical regulations are treatments under?

Yes! Our primary pharmacy partner adheres to state and federal regulations and goes above and beyond with weekly potency tests to ensure safe, highest-quality medications. Heva only sources medications from FDA-inspected pharmacies that undergo rigorous assessment, quality assurance, and certification. They are held to the following best practices:

All state and federal regulations (FDA guidance).

Vetting pharmaceutical ingredients through a rigorous qualification process.

Constantly testing raw materials, active ingredients, and finished compounded products via third-party analytical assessment, ensuring sterility and potency.

Continuous training for all pharmacists and staff to demonstrate proficiency and cultivate mastery in their roles.

An internal quality assurance program that regularly monitors and audits processes and procedures.

Integral and unwavering commitment to sanitizing equipment and facilities, preventing cross-contamination, and maintaining aseptic conditions.

Weekly potency tests and extra quality assurance measures.

Will my health data be kept safe and secure?

We’ve created Heva to be tech-forward and consumer-conscious. Your trust and security are critical to us, and we’ve developed our platform with rigorous security protocols and adherence to privacy laws. Read up on our Security and Privacy for more details!